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Teeth Grinding in Children

FDA-Approved Nighttime Mouth Guards for Children

GrindGuardN is the best night guard for teeth grinding in children. Suitable for children as young as 12 years-old, GrindGuardN is an affordable, FDA-approved device to stop teeth grinding at night. Relieve your children of the pain, discomfort and damage caused by nighttime teeth grinding, and save yourself the dental bills. Get the no. 1 children’s mouth guard for teeth, GrindGuardN, by ordering now!

How Do I Know If My Child Needs a Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding?

Your child may need a night guard for teeth grinding if your dentist has noticed your child’s teeth are flattened, fractured, flat or worn down. These dental problems that result from nighttime teeth grinding may lead to more severe issues such as nerve damage and sometimes root canals. Your child may also complain of headaches and pain in their jaw, cheeks, ears, neck and shoulders. These common symptoms of teeth grinding and clenching in children can be resolved with a bite guard for teeth grinding. If your child is complaining of symptoms of teeth grinding, GrindGuardN is the solution for you! Made for children 12 years-old and up, GrindGuardN is a comfortable and affordable fix for your child’s mouth guard needs. Visit us online or call 877-401-1224 to find out more!

Is GrindGuardN the Best Option to Stop My Child’s Teeth Grinding?

Not only is GrindGuardN a more effective and long-lasting device than most children’s mouth guards, it is also more affordable. For only $79, this bite guard for nighttime teeth grinding is unique due to the patented Central Power Bar which reduces grinding by up to 70 percent! This smaller, more comfortable nighttime mouth guard can be customized to fit in order to effectively stop teeth grinding in children. Adjustment and custom fitting is so easy, you can do it yourself! Order today or visit us online to learn more.

How Can I Order GrindGuardN for My Child?

Ordering GrindGuardN for your child is easy. You can order online in just 3 easy steps. Order now to protect your child from the damaging effects of teeth grinding! Orders may also be placed by phone at 877-401-1224. The best mouth guard for children ages 12 years-old and up, GrindGuardN will not leave you dissatisfied. See what satisfied customers of all ages are saying about GrindGuardN!