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Bruxism Mouthpiece

GrindGuardN is the Revolutionary Bruxism Mouthpiece

GrindGuardN is the revolutionary bruxism mouthpiece. Practicing dentist Dr. Joe Pelerin suffered from teeth grinding for more than 25 years, which led to his invention of GrindGuardN. Dr. Joe tried numerous expensive yet ineffective devices before he developed GrindGuardN. He wanted an affordable and effective solution to his painful headaches, sore jaw, neck and shoulder pain, earaches and facial pain. Now he wants to help you stop teeth grinding with the best mouthpiece for bruxism. GrindGuardN is proven to reduce teeth grinding up to 70 percent, and it’s guaranteed to alleviate painful bruxism symptoms. Learn more about how to stop bruxism with the best bruxism mouthpiece, and call us today at (877) 401 -1224.

How this Mouthpiece for Bruxism Works

GrindGuardN is the dental bruxism mouthpiece designed to keep your back teeth from touching, because this is where grinding and clenching activity occurs. This small bruxism mouthpiece touches only the first six to eight teeth, making it impossible for your back teeth to touch. The patented Central Power Bar causes a nerve reflex to release the stimulus at the midline of your jaw, rather than in the back of the mouth. It’s important that you don’t ignore your bruxism symptoms, such as headaches, sore jaw, facial pain and toothaches. Untreated, bruxism will cause dangerous consequences to your teeth and overall health. To find out more about how this mouthpiece for bruxism works, call us today at (877) 401 -1224.

GrindGuardN Provides Results Like No Other Bruxism Mouthpiece

GrindGuardN is the best bruxism mouthpiece, because it provides results that other bruxism mouthpieces can’t. Not only is GrindGuardN proven effective to reduce teeth grinding up to 70 percent, it’s also more affordable and durable than other mouthpieces for bruxism. GrindGuardN is a small bruxism mouthpiece. It only touches the first six to eight teeth, and it doesn’t allow your back teeth to touch. GrindGuardN doesn’t wear out as fast as other devices because it reduces the amount of clenching and grinding. Other mouthpieces can cost nearly $800, but GrindGuardN is available for only $79 with a 30-day money back guarantee. GrindGuardN provides results like no other bruxism mouthpiece! Call us at (877) 401 - 1224 to order your mouthpiece to stop bruxism.

Experience Relief with the No. 1 Bruxism Mouthpiece

Once and for all, you can say goodbye to painful bruxism symptoms and experience relief with the No. 1 bruxism mouthpiece. GrindGuardN is available through our easy online order processing. You can also order by phone at (877) 401 - 1224. We accept all major credit cards. Don’t waste your time and money on expensive and ineffective mouthpieces to stop bruxism. GrindGuardN is the affordable and effective bruxism mouthpiece. Order GrindGuardN now and get your 30-day money back guarantee!